VIP Coaching

Special Edition

Turn around and go back to one of my other programs. This is not your regular coaching and I don’t recommend this to 99% of people. I will not coach someone who’s sloppy, weak and would make excuses. My VIP coaching is for those who are extremely serious turning their life around and have a warrior mindset — who are willing to do whatever it takes, build character, toughen up, grow like no other & BE PROUD OF THE MAN IN THE MIRROR. It’s a super detailed, structured and an elite level personalized program for those who want to be at the very TOP!

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What we offer:

  • Age and gender-inclusive plans tailored to your specific lifestyle goals & health issues
  • Exclusive bridal diets for weight loss, glowing skin & better hair
  • The program food plans are nutritious and focus on food quality required for better health.  We focus on High Quality Nutrition based plans focusing on health and immunity. We do not support fads, trends, fixed menus, specific calorie counting or quick fix methods.


1. Book your program.You will get an email with a pre-counselling form and our Nourish number.

2. We set up a telephonic appointment within 72 working hours of receiving the pre-counselling form. Ensure you give us at least 45 minutes of time

3. We see your food updates and lifestyle for at least 2 working days before developing a plan for you

4. Once you have the plan you, just follow it and send us updates on WhatsApp Daily. Clarify doubts, get suggestions and recommendations by just messaging us

5. We do monthly prescheduled review calls and follow ups (if needed) over and above daily chat support. All calls are pre-scheduled, to ensure you get our undivided attention. We prefer to make changes and recommendations based on our daily chat interactions with you via updates.

6. Chat interactions are optional but recommended. Your Nutritionist is available to support you via chat all you need to do is drop us a message.

I have found daily interactions on WhatsApp enables us to help you on a daily basis, to be more in tuned to your life and lifestyle and help you when you need it. Daily interactions enable us to help you navigate various life situations over waiting for specific day phone calls.

All programs require atleast 30 minute of exercise and activity unless you are injured or physically unable to.

We encourage daily updates to us to ensure we can guide you when you need it. This program is an on going chat discussion over just checking in once in a while on a call.

Duration: 12 weeks

Availability: 5 slots per month

Eligibility: There is no backing out, no excuses, no cold feet. If you cannot commit during this time, please don’t sign-up!

Process: Once enrolled, Chetan Ray will personally get in touch with you to take things forward.

Please don’t rush and allow at least 7-8 days to design and craft your program since everything is individualized, super tailored and made BEST OF THE BEST!