Wedding Ready Program

Special Edition

You’ve picked out your clothes, decided how to do your hair and even found a makeup artist.

  • How about a stunning entrance and fantastic pictures.
  • No more hiding behind people in pictures.
  • Lets up the Glam quotient with the Wedding Ready program

What to expect ? 

  • Healthy looking hair
  • A Tone and sculpted look
  • The need to have those dresses tightened before the functions 🙂
  • Great pictures
  • Admiring yourself in every mirror
  • If you are ready to “up the glam quotient” keep reading
- +


For your nutrition needs

  • Dedicated Nutritionist for 12-weeks
  • In-depth counselling to develop your diet
  • 6 consultation calls through the program
  • Daily chat support for meal reviews and clarifications
  • Review of blood report (optional)
  • Habits – building these as per your lifestyle, coz you want to CONTINUE looking great
  • Inner circle benefits and challenges to take part in!

We do not follow templates and we build each plan to suit you and your unique requirements based on your REGULAR updates.

Our flexible planning style ensure you don’t have to eat the same thing daily.

This is not a menu based plan.  

For your movement needs

  • Workout program Complimentary on me pick from any of our levels

To help you along the way 

  • Daily Chat Support and meal reviews
  • Daily ongoing suggestions and guidance on chat
  • Monthly calls
  • Develop the habits and learn the dos and don’t for a healthy lifestyle and build your own toolkit

This program is best for

  • A program to help you look and feel better
  • Age, gender no bar
  • You could be the bride, groom, sister in arms, anyone wanting to get wedding ready – it’s all good
  • Special price if you book for 2

What I expect from you

Yep! This is team work and this is what we will need from you 

  • A beginners mindset – I have my own unique way of working so forget anything you’ve done before
  • At least 30 – 45 minutes a day to exercise
  • Updating us daily on chat on your food and other tracking measures – we want to know what you are doing
  • Willingness to make changes for at least 3 months – coz if you don’t want to change you can’t expect change
  • This is a more aggressive program than our Nourish Programs with different protocols

We have the tools, we can be your guide – if you are willing to put in the work to look and feel the way you want

I will be doing weekly reviews with your nutritionist – so I’m going to need your updates.

What if you have a super busy life ?

At NWS, we’re busy people. And we know that you’re a busy person too.

So we designed this program to accommodate that.

Full schedules, travel, and life’s other inevitable imperfections can all be accommodated.

We expect you to be fully engaged in this program.

Yes, we know, life happens. Travel. Family events, shopping, Illness and injury. Mudslides. Zombie attacks. Etc.

We’ve been there. So, at times, you might need to do a bit of schedule juggling but keep going.

Here’s the good news: we’ve planned this program to give you some flexibility.

So, if you get abducted by aliens and probed, we’ll await your return.

Otherwise we will help you juggle life’s demands

For now, let’s not worry about extreme circumstances.